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Reamping is a process often used in multitrack recording in which a recorded signal is routed back out of the editing environment and run through external processing or a reverb chamber. Re-amping is often used to "warm up" dry tracks, which often means adding complex, musically interesting compression, distortion, filtering, ambience, and other pleasing effects. – Wikipedia




ReAmp Studios has two Southern California locations spanning over 3,000 total square feet, and is home to both state-of-the-art digital and vintage gear, including a rare and coveted Amek APC 1000 console that has been used to record Platinum award-winning artists such as Chamillionaire and Bone Thugs-n-Harmony.


Whether you’re looking to track scratch demos or high-quality masters, ReAmp is your studio destination. With locations in Anaheim and Tustin, we work with all genres and can accommodate most budgets.


A complete list of our gear can be found HERE

Our experienced studio team is composed of producers, award-winning singers, songwriters, and engineers. We are dedicated to nurturing the local music scene and providing the highest quality services available, including recording, mixing, mastering, and music education workshops. Everyone on our team is insanely passionate about music, and our clients thrive on our energy, creativity, and integrity.


Feel free to check out our accomplishments below, then CONTACT US to take your music to the next level!


Our Studio Pricing

Stefani Rose

daniel martin

joshua brooks

stefani rose

Owner, Head of Artist Development and Client Relations


Stefani Rose is a Creative Producer, Actress, and Singer/Songwriter. She is Co-Founder of StartBeat Entertainment, the parent company of ReAmp Studios and Hourglass Independent Records and Films. Stefani holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from Yale University and specializes in the creative aspects of recording, production, and talent development.


In 2014, she has coached and helped launch several new musical groups under the Hourglass Independent Artists brand, including The FiiX, Dominique Stewart, Joanna Pearl, Brandon Moreno, Ami Russ, Merleau, and The Juicebox Bandits. She is currently producing two feature films, The BlackOut Experiment, which will be released October 30, 2014, and  a new teen comedy which will be released in the early summer of 2015, along with several short films, music videos, and live musical productions.


Having worked both front and center and behind the scenes with songwriters, scriptwriters, playwrights, directors, set designers, sound designers, music producers, sales and marketing teams, and through all aspects of recording, film, television, video, and sound production, Stefani brings a positive, creative energy to ReAmp Studios.

daniel martin

Owner, Head of Production and Studio Relations


Daniel Martin is a music and film producer, screenwriter, and composer. In 2014 alone, he has finished production on over 15 records and composed the score for a feature film project called The BlackOut Experiment, which will be released October 30, 2014, and a new teen comedy, which will be released in the early summer of 2015.


He is Co-Founder of StartBeat Entertainment, the parent company of ReAmp Studios and Hourglass Independent Records and Films. Daniel is a multi-instrumentalist who studied music production at both Cal State Fullerton and UCLA, and his confidence in the recording studio brings a sense of security and creative reinforcement to the artists that trust him to bring their projects to life. As a songwriter, he is published by Perfect Storm/Sony ATV Music Publishing.


Since opening his first recording studio in 2009, Daniel has engineered or produced hundreds of artists from around the world including:  Fly Radio, A Sound Aside, Jason Farol, Vadim Taver, Brandon Moreno, The Morgan Leigh Band, Joanna Pearl, Moxy and the Influence, and The FiiX.

joshua brooks

Studio Manager, Head Engineer


Joshua Brooks is a producer, audio engineer, and seasoned songwriter. He has worked with a number of top performers, as well as some of LA’s rising independent artists. In 2012, he assisted in the production of Christina Perri’s “A Very Merry Perri Christmas” and Brendan James’s “Transition” albums, and has since produced or engineered artists including Allison Taylor, Bryan Arrigo, Jacob Abbott, and Fly Radio. Joshua also has several television and film credits including Killer Wives, Unusual Suspects, World’s Deadliest, Lifeguard, Ironclad: Battle for Blood, and The Blackout Experiment as a dialogue and/or effects editor.


On top of his overwhelming schedule, Joshua maintains his passion for writing music and his works have gained recognition from top industry organizations. He is the proud recipient of an Artist of the Year Award (Malibu Music Awards), a Billboard Chart Honorable Mention, and an Artist of the Year nomination (RAW Music Awards).


Joshua is a graduate of The Los Angeles Film School where he received an AS in Recording Arts and a BS in Entertainment Business, and he is certified by Avid in Pro Tools software systems. His extensive knowledge and raw passion for the film and music industry makes him one of Orange County’s go-to engineers.

What we do

recording made simple

At ReAmp’s flagship Studio G, you can enlist the help of our experienced producers and engineers to record your project using world-class equipment and create radio-ready mas-ters. Our resident team has worked with hundreds of established and emerging artists and truly understands the art of record making.


If you’re more of a D.I.Y.’er and would prefer private access to the environment you need to turn concept into product, our Studio X is the solution for you. This Anaheim, CA-based facility offers 24/7 access to top notch recording gear, allowing you to write, rehearse, produce, and record entirely on your own and around your schedule.



Production SERVICEs


Whether you’re looking for a one-stop solution or a flexible workspace, ReAmp Studios provides all of the tools necessary to ensure that your recording needs are met and your expectations are exceeded including:


Amek APC 1000 / 80 Channel Console

Pro Tools 10 HD

Apogee A/DX

Apogee D/AX (24 I/O)

Rosetta 800

Waves Plug-Ins

Komplete 9 Ultimate

Yamaha NS-10

Racks of Outboard Effects, Compressors and Dynamic Processors

Dozens of Mics from Neumann, AKG and much more!


A full list of our studio gear can be found HERE.


Our Studio Pricing



Includes Studio Hours and Weekly Workshops


Monthly Membership Benefits


For more information on Memberships click HERE and HERE.

In Production Basics, you’ll work directly with our team of experienced producers and engineers who will help you learn basic recording techniques, as well as how to maximize your equipment budget. The group will meet for 1 hour each week for 12 weeks. At the end of 12 weeks, our team will assess your progress with a hands on exam in the studio.


12 week Course:  $750


Production Services


Post Production Services




We are always looking for motivated self-starters to enhance and learn from our team. We’ll work with you to create an internship that gives you real-world experience in the music industry in a fast paced, safe, and exciting learning environment. We're currently hosting students from Chapman University and Orange Coast College.


If you’re interested in an internship with ReAmp CONTACT US .


ReAmp Studios is committed to music education and offers a variety of unique classes and workshops that provide hands-on experience in a lively, positive learning environment.


Girls Only Guitars

This group class gets together once a week to practice, learn, and create. The group is lead by Sydney Ellen, a rock and roll guitarist and music teacher with years of experience as an on-stage performer. Her extensive knowledge of the guitar and music theory makes her a natural mentor for girls and women who want to improve their playing ability.


Group classes:  $99/month

Private lessons:  Starting at $60/hour


For more on Sydney click HERE.



Click HERE for upcoming Songwriting Workshops.


For those looking to take their skills to the next level, our staff is composed of seasoned songwriters who are available for private sessions and coaching. If you need the help of a seasoned songwriting pro to bring your ideas to their full potential, CONTACT US!


Songwriters in the Round


Country / Pop Little Super Stars

(For kids ages 5-11)


Special Editions The Mommy Connection

Birthday Parties

Kid Sessions



At ReAmp Studios, our Clients include major and independent recording artists, record labels, music publishers, filmmakers, videographers, and major corporations that utilize our class-leading equipment and experienced studio team to track music, sync audio to visuals, and provide other post-production services to put the finishing touches on their content.


We have two convenient Southern California locations that are equipped to exceed expectations for almost any budget.


CONTACT US today to set up a personal tour and see why ReAmp is YOUR audio production facility solution!


A Sound Aside

Against the Ordinary

Albert Ojeda

Ami Russ

Brandon Coy

Brandon Moreno

Carol Martini



Concrete Rose

Cynthia Emmets


Dazed in the Past

Dillon Brown


Fly Radio

Gaby Ramirez

Gavyn Bailey

Gene Dorney

Ghost of Cali

Howe Two

Jaimee Jaymes

Jason Farol

Joanna Pearl

Jorgen Eloffsen

Kaela Kinney

Kaitlyn Weathers

Lexi Avilles

Lindsey Carrier

Lords of Ruin

Maruja Retana


Michael Verburg

Midnight Darling

Morgan Leigh Band

Moxy and the Influence

Nassim  Arastoopour

Nikki Paige


Silent Shot


Stefani Rose


The Canyoneers

The Fiix

The Lost Years

The Northern Stills

Vadim Taver



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